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Strebord Door Cores

Strebord particleboard is the market leader for 35mm FD30, 44mm FD30 and 54mm FD60 fire-rated, as well as non fire-rated door cores. They are very robust and manufactured to close tolerances to suit modern joinery processes. They can be cut to size and delivered to site for quick, easy installation.

Strebord fire-rated Door Cores


Strebord 35mm FD30 - Half hour fire resistant Door Cores

Strebord 44mm FD30 - Half hour fire resistant Door Cores

Strebord 54mm FD60 - One hour fire resistant Door Cores

Strebord 64mm FD90 - One hour fire resistant Door Cores


Strebord non fire-rated Door Cores


Strebord 35mm Strebord 40mm

Strebord 38mm Strebord 44mm




  • A small number of ready to use parts minimises on-site installation times.
  • Softwood, Hardwood, MDF and Steel Frames suitable for Fire Door applications.
  • Apertures easy to cut and install.
  • Strebord Door Cores can accommodate a wide range of glazed aperture styles and sizes.
  • Strebord’s precision finished surface meets the highest requirements and is a suitable base for paint, delicate veneers, thin foils and laminates.
  • The Door Core materials are also suitable for use as partitioning components.


Sheet Sizes


2060 x 840      2135 x 915

2440 x 915      2740 x 915

2440 x 1220    3300 x 1000

2740 x 1850



Fire, mechanical, thermal, acoustic

Strebord Door Cores have passed the industry’s rigorous fire, mechanical, thermal and acoustic test standards. Strebord has been subjected to independent third party certification - the highest form of endorsement a product can achieve.


All Strebord Door Cores are now covered by the BM TRADA Q-Mark, BWF Certifire and IFC Certification, third party accreditation schemes, designed to prove the worth of manufacturers products. This extension in cover means that every Strebord door core purchased has third party accreditation, giving all our customers complete peace of mind, as well as highlighting our continuing commitment to developing the Strebord brand.



Environmental credentials

Strebord provides an environmentally responsible alternative to solid hardwood/softwood door cores. All Strebord products carry either FSC or PEFC certification and can be specified with the confidence that Falcon Panel Products Ltd are committed to sourcing all of its timber from responsibly managed forests.


Furthermore, a large percentage of raw materials used in manufacturing Strebord are from recycled materials.


Chain of Custody

Strebord meets the requirements for both FSC and PEFC Chain of Custody within the BM TRADA-Trak Chain of Custody.

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