Falcon Panel Products / Turkey

Azerbaijan - Georgia - Iran

Wood based panel products importer, distributor and solutions specialist

Falkon Ahşap Teknolojileri Ltd Şti.


  • Technical Specifications Assistance  for Interior Architecture Offices

  • Door Hardware Assistance for True Choice

  • The Technical Assistance regarding the details of frame,  leaf,  lippings and the other parts of doors.

  • Door Mounting Assistance for Furniture Companies

  • The Technical Assistance for Customers to get Door Certification

    1. The Technical Assistance to get  Q Mark Certification from BM Trada
    2. The Technical Assistance to get certification for  Private Projects, from BM Trada.
    3. The  Assistance to get certification from test laboratories unless the door details are suitable with Global Assestment reports

  • Presentation of all certificates and global assestment reports from BM Trada ; Certifire and IFC, to customers

  • Permission letter for the customers about using all test reports.

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